ATM has targetted to produce all the machines and tools used in production in house. Most of the machines used in Condenser and Tube Production are designed and produced by the engineers of ATM. The machines we produce can cominicate with each other and send information with WiFi.


The design, parts production and electronic control of the machines are made by our engineers in house. Our machines can cominicate by WiFi and can be serviced over the internet.


The Machines produced;


  •      Full Automatic Vertical Working WOT Condenser Welding Machines,
  •      Tube Straightening, Cutting and Serpantine Bending Machines,
  •      Pnomatic and Hydrolic 3 axis CNC Tube Bending Machines,
  •      Tube End Swaging Machines,
  •      Wire Straitening and Cutting Machines,
  •      Powder Paint and Cataphoretic Paint Lines.
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