Service of Suppy of Parts from Turkey and China


Servicing to Companies who want to Out Source its Management of Supply of Part is a derivative activity of ATM Ltd's 30 years of experiance in the sector.


ATM gives a "One Stop Shop Service" to Companies who look for supplying their parts from one company reather then dealing with individual suppliers.


ATM Ltd. can find the right producer of that part, quality control, group, arrange the transport and export of those parts to destination on time.


This service can bring big saving to companies who does not want to deal with the strugle, but want to reach the right producers with the lowest cost.


The parts that we supply are;

  • Cooling Cycle Parts,
  • Glasses, doors, and frames,
  • Plastic Injection and thermoforming Parts,
  • Aluminum Profiles and Injections,
  • Metal Parts,
  • Cables, Cable Harnesses and Power Cables,
  • Refrigiration Tubes,
  • Semi Assembly,
  • Grouping,
  • Consolidating.


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