About Us

ATM ltd was founded by Besim Oktayer in 1987 as “ATİMAK Machinery Industry and Trade Company” for the production of parts for the Appliance Industry. This journey, which started 33 years ago by manufacturing the machines to produce Wire On Tube Condensers and exporting those condensers in a factory on the edge of Kağıthane River in Istanbul and in time the company has come to a point employing over 300 people in Gebze and Manisa exporting half of its production to dozens of companies in 22 countries which has various patents.

Today, ATM ltd not only produce parts, but also solve the problems of its customers. If you come to the ATM with a problem you want to solve, you probably won’t get out without finding a solution to it. Designing and manufacturing most of the machines, fixtures and molds used in our production  is the strongest point against competitors. ATM ltd employs a strong number of engineers working in the fields of Mechanical Design, Thermodynamics and Software development.

ATM lt is an active participant in Social Organizations like; BEYSAD (White Goods Parts Industry Association), TET (Electrical and Electronics Exporters Association), TIM (Turkey Exporters Assembly).

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