Wire On Tube Condensers

ATM was established in 1987 to manufacture and export Wire On Tube Condensers. The production was started by designing and producing the welding and tube forming machines. This ability of manufacturing the necessary machine to produce condensers gave ATM a very competitive edge. After producing Static Condensers for many years according to customer drawing, ATM started to design cooling system parts with the skills it developed in machine production and the knowledge in cooling technology, produced wire condensers in various forms. This knowledge enabled ATM to produce innovative solutions from Wire On Tube solutions. ATM, with the solutions it developed in the time, took the Wire On Tube Condensers from the use of home type refrigerators to high capacity Market Cooling Systems. ATM became a pioneer producer and a developer of Wire On Tube condenser solutions to be used in Commercial Cooling Cabinets which require higher heat transfer capacities then home Refrigerators.

ATM has been spending time and money for better Wire On Tube solutions in the last 10 years and cooperating with Universities. The cooperation of ATM ltd with Universities created literatures on wire condenser solutions for the good of Cooling Technology world Wide.

Our Condensers are UL Certified. You can use our condensers with a good trust on ATM.

Dynamic Condensers

Single tube condensers with wires welded on and rolled at a size to fit in the condensing area of the refrigşrators are widely used in these days at low heat…
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Static Condensers

ATM manufactures static condensers using various sizes of tubes diameters ranging from 4.00 mm to 8.00 mm and wires diameter ranging from 1.20 mm to 1.80 mm. The use depends…
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