Tube Forming

ATM has been manufacturing tube forming machines since 1987. This know how has led ATM to manufacture tube started tube forming manufacturing with fully automatic machines manufactured by its own technology.

This engineering skill is reflected to its customers as a competitive service. ATM, which has a very advanced machine park today, produces pipe forming in a wide range of pipe types and sizes. Pipe forming is a matter of specialization in our company. Our factory in Manisa serves Pipe Forming requests.

ATM shapes Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Tubes in a wide range diameter range from 2 mm to 32 mm, blows out and welds the elements necessary for use with cold soldering welding or induction machines. In accordance with the requirement, these pipes are subjected to 100% gauge control and flow and leak test.

Co-Axial Heat Exchangers

ATM produces various fittings made of Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pipes between 2 mm and 32 mm for White Goods Manufacturers with high technology in fully automatic machines. It…
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HVAC Tubes

ATM shapes Copper and Stainless Pipes between 4 mm and 32 mm diameter in geometries suitable for the needs of Air Conditioning Units. It gives the desired forms to the…
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