Production and Products

More than 200 employees, 23 of whom are engineers, work at the ATM’s 2 plants in Gebze and Manisa. ATM produces Wire On Tube Condensers, Aluminum Finned Coil Heat Exchangers in its factory in Gebze and Tube Forming Products in its factory in Manisa.

ATM targets to produce most of the components used in the cooling cycle chain. ATM produces different types of Condensers, different type of evaporators and also produces the pipes connecting those components. Also the sheet metal works which are used in those products are also produced in house. Besides producing those components you can buy those components as a complete assembled products like Cooling or Condensing Units.

ATM developed Low Maintenance ATM condensers manufactured with the use of steel wires and steel tubes, which is a revolution especially in Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets. The “Low Maintenance Condenser” which is a patented product of ATM ltd has very high advantages compared to the alternative products like microchannel Condensers or Alu finned Heat Exchangers.

ATM patent also has innovative products whose design rights belong to it. You can get information about these products in the field of Heat Transfer by contacting us.

ATM is more than a component manufacturer. ATM ltd is a strong engineering company. ATM engineers designs, manufactures and writes the software of the Machines, Jigs and Fixtures used in its manufacturing.


Static Condensers

Low Maintenance ATM Condenser Units Patented

Heat Evaporator

Low Maintenance ATM Condenser Units

Heat Exchangers

Desiccant Heat Exchanger

Desiccant Heat Exchanger

Boiler Connection Pipe

Refrigerator Heat Exchanger

Brazed Assemblies

Plain Serpentines

Capillary Tube

Contoured Spirals

Distributor Assemblies

Manifold Assemblies

Bent Piping

Dynamic Condensers