Low Maintenance ATM Condensers Patented

ATM has invented a Heat Exchanger made from Wire On Tube that can replace Battery Type Aluminum Leaf and Copper Tube Coil Heat Exchangers in 20008. We call this product “Low Maintenance ATM Condenser” which is a registered Trademark.

The design of a Low Maintenance Atm Condensers is a set of Wire On Tube Condensers which are connected by a collector in a parallel form.

The advantages of Low Maintenance ATM Condensers vs Battery Type Condensers:

  • Improved heat transfer performance
  • Always first day parameters
  • Compatible with natural refrigerants, CO2
  • Low guarantee costs
  • Significant life cycle cost saving
  • Energy saving
  • %30-50 less refrigerant charge
  • Lower pressure drop on Air Side
  • Solution for product differentiation
  • Low servicing cost

We manufacture at different sizes and capacities according to customer requirements.

Our invention is a big step in the Refrigeration Industry and lots of companies has begun to replace the classical Battery Condensers they have been using to our Solution.

ATM Condensers have suitable pressure values ​​and resistance to be used in CO2 (R744) and Hydrocarbon (R290 & R600a) applications.

ATM Condensers are UL Certified.

Low maintenance ATM Condensers compared to conventional Aluminum Leaf Heat Exchangers.

  • There is no need for periodic maintenance and cleaning.
  • You can use a lower amount of refrigerant.
  • It is resistant to high pressure.
  • It consumes less energy due to low air pressure drop.
  • Not blocked, warranty cost is low.

You can contact us about how you can use our solution in your cabinet. You can also use our software to find out the right size of Condenser that you can use in your cabinet.

Your Cooling unit can keep the first day performance parameters all its life with Low Maintenance ATM Condensers.